For the Men

I’ve had so many requests to do some male-oriented posts again. So, without further ado…

Choose your Style

It’s very easy for me to pick out men whose dress-sense I approve of. They have to be sharply dressed with a little quirk, and they have to be comfortable. And, no visible underwear, guys. That’s just tacky. Ask Men have asked who the top fashion icons are for the male populace. Top Dogs? Simon Baker, Tinie Tempah and Jon Hamm.

Simon Baker (above left) has a style described as a “marriage of dapper and irreverent”, whilst Tinie Tempah’s style is so desirable that he has his own fashion line. Either way, they are completely at ease with their style. So, boys, feel confident in what you’re wearing. Whether it be sharp suit or geek chic.

Places to Shop

Topman is always a good start, though New Look now do a men’s range, and River Island are always a good shout for suits. And don’t forget online shopping (it’s not just for us girls)… try ASOS on for size!

Wardrobe Basics

Always have a suit handy. Make sure you pick the right suit for you, and don’t be shy with money – a decent suit will take you far. So get a proper fitting, and decide on whether you want black, charcoal or blue or whichever cut you want, and make sure you know that suit is going to last you.

Shirts should be a staple – you can dress them up and down, and I’ve yet to come across a guy who doesn’t look good in a shirt!

Trainers… no I don’t mean those smelly, dirty ones you’ve had for years and could probably walk themselves out the door. Look at Tinie Tempah for inspiration – clean, crisp trainers look good! Whether you want Hi-tops or not, make sure (again) they are a pair that suit you.

The Next Post…

Time for some votes… do you want a “get this now” post, men’s fashion news, or a bit of boy’s fashion advice? And girls, how about some gift ideas for the men?

Also, on my browsing for male fashion stuff, I stumbled over Fashion Beans, which is an amazing website for guys and what-to-wear!

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