What to Wear: Festival Part One

Festival season is upon us. It’s time to be knee deep in mud, singing your heart out and sleeping in a tent for several nights. Hats and dry shampoo and baby wipes are your new best friends. But let’s pretend for one moment that it’s a rare dry festival – the sun is shining and you’re getting through a bottle of sun cream a day. So what on earth do you wear!? Here’s my choices…


You’ll be quite lucky on day one – things will still be quite clean so you can get away with a super-stylish outfit. To make your pre-festival shopping easy, this is all from New Look (for a total of £107.95). Grab this jazzy Gola bag to last you the whole weekend – big enough for all your stuff and bright enough to spot. Cram the jacket in it until it gets cold later on and make sure you start that festival tan in style with a playsuit.

Day one1. Black and white tile print strappy playsuit, New Look, £16.99
2. Silver pilot sunglasses, New Look, £4.99
3. Black leather-look zip pocket biker jacket, New Look, £39.99
4. Black metal trim sandals, New Look, £15.99
5. Gola by Tado yellow and blue shades messenger bag, New Look, £29.99


Stick to shorts and a Tee today – you don’t want to be fighting with a playsuit in a port-a-loo! Channel some Coachella style and wear some cowboy boots and a soft hat, and bring some California to Britain. Pull this outfit together from Topshop (£153) – the cami comes in a myriad of colours including white or black if you want to keep it simple – and grab yourself a pair of these amazing cateye sunglasses from Gant (I just can’t get enough of them – they look effortlessly 50s but the cut out over the frame makes it super modern).

Day two1. Strappy cami, Topshop, £18
2. Knitted mix yarn slouchy cardi, Topshop, £42
3. MOTO high waisted denim shorts, Topshop, £28
4. Posa cateye sunglasses, Michael Bastian for Gant, £100
5. ARNALDO slouch Western boots, Topshop, £65


It’s your last day. Time to crack out the grand finale – this stunning maxi dress from Oasis. Team it with a straw hat and some more sandals and you’re away for your last day of the festival. Coming to £150 in total, you can team it with those Gant sunglasses from day two and rave your little heart out. Happy festival-ing!

Day three1. Butterfly maxi dress, Oasis, £75
2. Lace trim trilby, Oasis, £15
3. Cut and sew cardi, Oasis, £25
4. Tribal weave sandal, Oasis, £40 £35

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