Best of the Websites

I love online shopping. I really, really do. And there are some places that you just can’t wander in to on the highstreet. Here are my picks of the online-only best stores.

Tatty Devine
Okay, so this isn’t actually an online-only store (they have two branches – one on Brick Lane and the other near Covent Garden on Monmouth Street). But the online shop is the best place to go for quirky jewellery – whilst staying in the comfort of your own home. Tatty is where I got my gorgeous name necklace, and the best piece I think I’ve seen so far is the T-Rex gold necklace, but they also have Geek spec necklaces, moustache necklaces, and a huge array of earrings, rings, bracelets and brooches. If you’re a bit scared to go for something too crazy, look at some of the cute heart necklaces and earrings; and I always recommend getting a name necklace – choose the font, the colour and if you want a charm on it. Beautiful!

Girl Meets Dress
Love designers, but can’t afford to shell out a month’s rent on one dress? Meet Girl Meets Dress. This is an online rental shop for all things designer! Designers on board include ISSA, Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Paul & Joe, Marni and Yves Saint Laurent. Hire the dress you want for 2-7 days, wear it for your special occasion, and simply send it back… trust me, wearing these gowns makes you feel like a real princess! The choice can be a bit overwhelming though – so Girl Meets Dress handily has several collections for various occasions to help you decide; from a day at the races, to weddings, dates and birthdays. Not only that, but bags, hats and fascinators are all available as well, to make it a huge designer love-in. I’m brewing for a Girl Meets Dress blog post special – so keep checking back for when I get to dress up for my own special day!

Stylist Pick
How do you feel about getting your own team of stylists emailing you each month with their picks of a range of shoes suited to your style? Sound good? Stylist Pick is a website that does just this. Each month, you get your “showroom” sent to you by email and you have five days to choose a pair of shoes or boots starting from £39.95 a month – or you can skip a month and not lose a penny. What makes it even better, is collaborations with Cheryl Cole and Louise Roe mean that there are shoes designed by the most stylish celebrities around in a showroom picked just for you.

The trick with Rokit is to shop around. With stores in Camden, Brick Lane and Covent Garden, you can go in and have a browse, but if you’re a nervous vintage shopper like me, ease yourself in slowly by browsing online. This is the best way to have a scout around without feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of clothes. Shop by era, clothing and brand. Ranging from the 40s to the 80s, Rokit is probably the most accessible of vintage stores and best suited for beginners, whilst still providing an Aladdin’s Cave of goodies for the well-versed eye of the vintage shopper. Keep a regular eye on this website, because if you don’t find something now – you definitely will soon. That’s the beauty of vintage – regular checks always means you’ll unearth a gem, and Rokit means that you’ll get it at a good price!

We’ve all heard about it, we’ve probably all shopped there. But I can’t help but sing this store’s praises! But, I hasten to add, for the Beauty pages in particular. I love the way that you can get hold of brands that aren’t as easily bought on the highstreet, such as Illamasqua, Paul & Joe and Stila. Make-up bliss!

So, there you have it. My favourite websites. Happy shopping all!

Oh, and don’t forget to drop by and let me know your favourite websites to shop on.

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2 thoughts on “Best of the Websites

  1. parisiansilhouette on said:

    great article! I’m very interested in the Styling Pick website, looks amazing! thanks for posting, x

  2. I love going into Rokit and nearby stores in Camden, I’ll checkout Tatty Devine (sounds awesome!) and Asos are definitely a benchmark/go-to store for many.

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