Beauty Tip No. 5

Always smell good. I have an indecent love of perfume, and often have three or more different bottles sitting on my shelf for whatever mood I’m in that day. Today I’ve got Vera Wang’s Princess – sweet and light with a hint of sophistication. Yesterday was Christian Dior’s Miss Dior Chérie – much more playful, in a cute bottle. For Saturday shopping trips it’s DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom, and for nights out on the town it’s Ghost Deep Night.

There is a scent to suit everyone; you just have to know what it is. Try Calvin Klein’s Euphoria – if I wear it I smell horrendous, like I’ve doused myself in the female version of Lynx. On one of my friends smells amazing! The trick is to learn what suits you – I’m a floral/fruity girl. Musky or spicy scents on me just make me smell manly. Go and try out a few scents on some paper sticks and see which you like; ask friends. Then pick a few and try them. Spray them on your wrist on your pulse point, and leave it around fifteen minutes before having a whiff. It takes that long for the perfume to work on your skin!

No one should reek of perfume, and no one should feel like they don’t want to get too close. The pulse points on your neck, wrists and back of your knees are ideal to spritz, and then I usually have a quick spray over my hair to add to it. Whatever you do, don’t rub your wrists together – it breaks the scent. I carry my perfume in my bag to make sure I don’t get stinky, and I spend the day getting complimented on how nice I smell!

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