Lola Sees Stars

This whole post is dedicated to my friend’s cute and quirky enterprise! If any of you saw my Facebook yesterday then you will already have heard a little about Lola Sees Stars. The brainchild of my fab friend in Bath, you can get bespoke jewellery, trinkets and prints exclusively from Etsy. My current favourites are the romance-novel bracelet (above) and Wonderwoman comic cuff (below).
Lola See Stars covers everything kitsch, from Japanese stamp collections to sushi rings to map-print brooches and murder-mystery cufflinks. I love the little sushi rings – so different and they definitely complete an outfit. Completely bespoke, you’re never going to get caught out matching a friend.
Love vintage? You can get brilliant vintage bead necklaces from Lola Sees Stars too!
I also have a major love for her prints. Infamous for her unusual photography of Bath and its surroundings, you can also order these prints from her Etsy store. I’m loving these two – one gothic print and the other a sepia print of Bath in the snow.

So. If you love these as much as I do, check out her Facebook page and find her here on Etsy. You know what to do!

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