Sale Season

Sales are everywhere, and that four-letter word is like music to my ears. But it’s so easy to get carried away! So, to survive the Sale Season, here are my top tips…
1. Go for key trends.
The trick with sales is to go in knowing what you’re looking for. Staple wardrobe items are there year-round, and you may get a bit of a discount on them, but sales are much better for seasonal trends. This summer, go for lots of denim – shorts and shirts – and plenty of tassels. The joy of sales is to be able to buy on-trend pieces without the price tag (and therefore no guilt). Take a sneaky-peek at Topshop and Miss Selfridge for your cowboy fixes.
2. Know where to look.
Rushing into any old shop is never a good idea! Know where you’re going and what you’re looking for. For example, River Island‘s sale is perfect for fun skirts for nights out; think monochrome, tribal, floral or psychedelic.
3. Don’t get sucked in.
Are you really honestly going to even wear that high-waisted, pleated, lime green skirt EVER? Probably not. Put. It. Down. Just because it’s half price doesn’t mean you have to buy it!
4. Avoid Saturdays.
We’re all working 9-5. We’re all exhausted after work and actually we’d rather have a cold glass of Pimms than trawl through shops whose air conditioning has broken. I understand this. But, evenings are great for shopping! Most shopping centres do have at least one night a week where they’re open late. And if you can’t bear the thought of that, try hauling yourself out of bed on a Sunday instead. Saturday shopping is the devil.
5. Get in early.
No, I don’t mean hanging round the shutters at 5am. That’s just annoying. What I really mean is, know when the sale starts and get there first. Most shops will advertise their sale online or on their Facebook page at least a day prior. And if not, they will make a big song and dance on the launch day. So keep your eyes peeled and make sure you don’t end up arriving after the party’s finished and getting the dregs of sale items (buying something from three seasons ago is not an investment).
Other than that, get shopping!
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